Sunday, March 15, 2009

Lollipop Cookies

If you are looking for something to make to bring to school for your child's birthday other than cupcakes these are excellent. The recipe is in the October 2007 issue of Martha Stewart's Everyday Food but can be found on her website.... CLICK HERE. The only things that I would suggest to change about the recipe is to make the cookies smaller than what they suggest. They spread and make huge cookies and to cook them for a shorter amount of time. Just when the edges turn golden take them out otherwise they are not chewy. After they cooled I used the standard, cheapest sandwich bags to wrap them in.

They made them for Halloween but you can change up the colors of the sprinkles for whatever holiday or your child's favorite colors for their birthday. They were a huge hit at school and really easy to make. One of the teachers actually asked me where I bought them... to me that is a huge compliment!

Here is a fun project that my daughter and I do every now and then and save them for wrapping baked goods or presents.... I get some white gift boxes and have her finger paint them. They are great.... just fill and put a bow on them, no need to wrap. So here are the cookies packaged up in one of her boxes.

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